Pamela Andrea Shipman (née Gryglaszewska) more commonly known as Pam was a fictional character in the television series Gavin & Stacey.

Pam is Gavin's proud and doting mother. She is in her fifties, though her exact age is unknown as, according to her husband, she has claimed to be 51 on her past five birthdays. She is a stereotypical Essexwife and is very house-proud. She is also very caring of Smithy, Gavin's best friend, and treats him as if he were her own son. She has been married to Mick for 26 years and is of polish descent as her maiden name was Gryglaszewska (pronounced grigalashevska).

Characterisation Edit

Pam is a typical Essex wife stereotype who doesn't have to work and who loves a good party and entertaining guests. She's glamorous and fun to be with, and still has a great relationship with Mick. However, she can get a little hysterical when her lively imagination starts to run wild. She also loves Camilla Parker Bowles.

She is also very caring of Smithy, Gavin's best friend, and treats him as if he were her own son. Pam wrongly feared that Stacey's family may be vegetarian so pretended to be vegetarian also, despite frequent cravings for meat. It is later revealed in the 2008 Christmas Special that all of Stacey's family (plus Nessa and possibly Dave) knew Pam was not vegetarian - with the exception of Gwen, who had bought Pam a vegetarian cookbook for Christmas. Pamela adores Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and acts out sexual fantasies of Charles and Camilla with Mick Shipman. Conversely, she hates Princess Diana.

Pam adores Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (referring to Princess Diana as a "hussy") and acts out sexual fantasies of Charles and Camilla with her husband, Mick. She dotes on Gavin, who she calls her "Little Prince". She is very welcoming of Stacey into the family - the first time Stacey meets her, she helps her with a pimple on her face, in a motherly fashion, which allows the two to bond. Although she is initially angry at Stacey when Gavin announces they're moving back to Barry, accusing Stacey of 'stealing' her son, she apologises the next morning for overreacting.

Pam and mick

Pam and her husband, Mick.

Pam is prone to malapropisms, such as saying "ours is not to question while" (instead of "why") or "Barry's Island" instead of "Barry Island". She is often nervous and excitable and this leads her into awkward social situations, such as forcing Mick to go food shopping in response to an attack of paranoia about her guests' dietary requirements, and then falsely claiming to be newly vegetarian (a pretence she is forced to maintain, much to her frustration because she craves meat) in order to explain why he has arrived with several bags of vegetarian food. Her catchphrases include "Oh My Christ", "I panicked (name)" and "Mick! Michael!"

Quotes: Edit

"Oh my Christ!".