James Corden is the actor of Neil Smith 'Smithy' and a writer of the show. He is a very famous actor producing such show's as the late late late show with James Corden. During the show he does a episode during the show called carpool karaoke where he takes famous singers such as Paul McCartney. He's a West Ham supporter in the show and in real life. He shows his West Ham loyalty in the show by buying his son Neil a West Ham shirt for Christmas and telling Gavin (Matthew Horne) a Tottenham fan in the show and in real life that Chinese Alan has tickets for the West Ham V Tottenham game. When he went to the beach he brought a West Ham towel with him and in his car he had a West Ham scarf. and when Nessa (Ruth Jones) went into labour smithy was seen in a pub watching the highlights of a West Ham game wearing a West Ham shirt. The only time I know James Corden spoke about West Ham on his show was when he invited Ex-West Ham player Kevin Nolan.