Islands in the Stream is a song written by the Bee Gees, which is said to be the favourite song of Gwen West. It is performed by Nessa Jenkins and Bryn West at Gwen's birthday barndance, and was subsequently released as a real-life single for Comic Relief 2009.

The single Edit

The single was released in CD and DVD formats. The front covers list the song as Barry Islands in the Stream, and credit Vanessa Jenkins and Bryn West featuring Sir Tom Jones and Robin Gibb. However, the inlay and the disc itself list the actors' names rather than the characters, and give the title simply as Islands In The Stream.

CD single track listing Edit

  1. Islands in the Stream - Ruth Jones, Rob Brydon, Tom Jones and Robin Gibb
  2. Wisemen - Rob Brydon
  3. Something Stupid - Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon
  4. Islands in the Stream (video)

"Wisemen" is a cover of the James Blunt song (Bryn is known to be a big fan). "Something Stupid", which was a hit for Frank and Nancy Sintra, is the song that Nessa and Bryn originally rehearsed for the barndance before settling on "Islands in the Stream".

DVD single track listing Edit

  1. Islands in the Stream (video)
  2. The making of "Islands in the Stream"