Edna Sutcliffe is Pete Sutcliffe's elderly mother. She appears to be suffering from advanced dementia as she does not speak (hasn't spoken for 3 years) and had has bitten Dawn on one occasion.

Christmas visit:Edit

Edna comes to stay with the Sutcliffes over Christmas 2008. Initally Pete and Dawn leave Edna alone in the house with a call button whilst they go for drinks at the Shipman's house.

After repeating pressing the button every time he tries to leave the house, Pete gives in and brings her to the Shipman's much to Dawn's disgust.

Following a huge argument (where Pete punches Dave after calling him "Scappy Doo") Pete and Dawn return home.

On Christmas morning it is revealed that they had forgotten to take Edna with them and she had been behind the bar in the Shipman's living room the entire night. An agitated Pamela took her home, Pete and Dawn having not realised that she was gone.