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Moira (daughter)
Barry Island, Wales
Portrayed by
Margaret John

Doris O'Neil born around 1926 - 1932 Elderly Doris lives next door to Gwen in Barry. To call her blunt would be putting it lightly - she's definitely not afraid to speak her mind.

Doris doesn't act like old people should - she's not a sweet old lady at all.

She frequently comes on to Gavin, but blatantly doesn't want any more from him than sex! Doris is seen as a bit of a player. In Gwen's surprise party episode, we see that she has had some past relationship with village hall owner, Ted, but now she is not interested in him and won't accept his friend request on Facebook. Bryn also suspects that Doris is a player as when the lads come over from Essex and Doris offers them to stay at her place, Bryn says "I know what Doris wants but she's not getting her hands on my boys!" Also, she has had some sort of relationship with young man, Scott, who we see coming out of her house in the Christmas Special and Doris refers to him as 'good as gold'.

Nessa has borrowed a large sum of money from Doris, which is paying back at a rate of £1 a week. Doris is not happy with this arrangement and out of pure spite agrees to make the salad for the baby Neil's christening/Nessa and David's engagement party, only to tell Gwen that she will not be making it and if Nessa asks "oh Dor! where's the salad?" she will reply "oh fatty where's my cash".

Doris is in most of the episodes of Gavin & Stacey.

She has a daughter named Moira whom she dislikes.

She is played by Margaret John.