Dawn Sutcliffe

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Dawny (primarily by Pam)
Peter Sutcliffe (husband)
Fiona Sutcliffe (daughter)
Alex Sutcliffe (son)
Sheerness Kent
Portrayed by
Julia Davis

Dawn born around 1966 -1968. Dawn Sutcliffe is Peter Sutcliffes wife.

She and Peter are introduced in the 2nd episode of the 1st season.

Dawn and Peter spend most of their time viciously fighting, calling each other cruel names and speaking ill of one another in front of Pam and Mick, who often have to calm them down.

However, after consulting AQA on whether to divorce Dawn, Peter and Dawn decide to "work at their marriage, and divorce should be a last resort" and in the 3rd episode she and Pete renew their vows.

For a short period, they are like a "pair of lovesick teenagers" until Peter ruins the moment in the middle of the ceremony, when an overly flashy ring is unveiled that he chose for himself.

She is Pam Shipman's best friend, they consult each other with everything. She calls her "Pammy" and they often bitch about other characters or talk about men. Her weakness is alcohol, and her and Pam often drink themselves into a stupor when any chance arises.

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