David Lloyd Gooch more commonly known as Dave Coaches, was a fictional character in the television series Gavin & Stacey. He was portrayed by Steffan Rhodri.


Dave runs the local coach company in Barry. He is in love with Nessa, and the couple were engaged and were going to get married. Dave is a quiet and peaceful man, but he clearly doesn't want Smithy around. It is strongly hinted upon in the first episode that he has an STD this may be why him and Nessa separated. Dave is the only person other than Bryn and Jason who knows what happened on the fishing trip, as Bryn blurted it out to him once at the golf course. Despite Bryn's fears, Dave is discreet and has never spoken of it to anyone else.

Coach driver in Barry and Nessa's fiancé, after they got engaged in the Christmas special. Aspersions are cast regarding his sexual health in Series 1, although it is revealed in Series 2 that he has been to "the clinic". He is the only person, other than Bryn and Jason, who knows what happened on the fishing trip, after Bryn told him to get the matter off his chest. His relationship with Nessa results in both Bryn and Jason being incredibly nervous about him telling their friends what happened, although he makes it very clear to Bryn he wouldn't tell anyone about it. He also has his own company named Dave Coaches.

He often shows jealousy towards Smithy for being the father of Nessa's child. Smithy gets jealous of him for always spending time with his son and treating him like his own, and in the final episode leaves Nessa at the altar as he doesn't believe she loves him. Nessa's father mentions him having "blood on his hands", but says he was joking, knowing that "nothing was proven". Dave often has a strained relationship with the other characters, and has publicly had angry exchanges with Bryn, Smithy and Pete, who punched Dave in the face after he made an uncharitable remark about his wife, Dawn.